Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is your delivery charge?

There is a standard 3.99 delivery fee and a 0.50 cents mileage fee for deliveries over 4 miles.

2. How does the drivers get paid?

All drivers get paid all of the gratuity and a portion of the delivery fee.

3. How do I talk to someone about my order?

There is live local customers service available during business hours to help you with your order. You can call or text us at 256-258-9900.

4. Do you deliver to my address?

To check if we deliver to your go to and enter your address. The website will tell you if we can service you address. It will show you a list of restaurants available in your area.

5. What if I don't see my restaurant that I want to order from?

We apologize if we do not currently have your restaurant of choice. We are always working on adding new restaurants daily. Feel free to always give us suggestions and please talk to your favorite Restaurant about partnering with Local Kraving.

6. What if I need to make a change to my order?

Contact Local Kraving by calling or message us at 256-258-9900 if you call the restaurant, Local Kraving will not pick up changed orders from the customers. Local Kraving will only pick up what's on the order receipt.

7. What if my order is wrong?

If your order is wrong contact Local Kraving. We will correct the order within 45 minutes. We do not guarantee the order will get fixed right away if the restaurant missed or made order incorrect. As Local Kraving does not check food in the bags. Please check your order and contact us within 20 mins of receiving your order to have your order corrected if it is past 20 minutes we will not correct the order. We can not give you credits or fix the order if it was prepared incorrectly unless it was ordered incorrectly. We keep record of how it was ordered.

8. What if I schedule my order?

For scheduled orders we deliver them ASAP To be sure that your order is delivered before the scheduled time. As we try to be early with orders that are scheduled.

9. Special instructions?

Are used for special request for your meal.  Local Kraving can only ask the restaurant to honor the request. We don't guarantee that it will be honored. If a restaurant does a special request for you when you dine-in we have no control for them doing it on to-go orders.

10. Our quoted times?

Our quoted times are an estimated time for delivery. We can not guarantee the delivery will not be past the quoted time if a restaurants quoted times are longer due to being busy.

This is a non-participating restaurant and Local Kraving is not affiliated with this restaurant in any way. We provide a delivery service only, acting as your pick up agent. By ordering online from Local Kraving LLC, you are agreeing to our terms and conditions authorizing Local Kraving to pay for, collect, and deliver your order to you. We will call/email you if a menu price has changed or if an item has been dropped from the menu. Website prices may vary from dine-in prices. *We do not prepare your food or your order and we are not responsible for mistakes made by the restaurant on your order, or quality preparation of your food. We simply transport your order in our insulated carriers to preserve freshness and ensure food is kept as warm/cold as possible during delivery. *Our driver will contact you to inform you of any delay in delivery times. Questions? Call 256-258-9900

Have any other questions, give us a call or message us and we will gladly help you.